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The Answers to Your Questions

It’s OK to raise your concerns

Call us on: 1800 178 776

Or Email us at:

You can also contact the NDIS Commission.


Phone: 1800 035 544
TTY: 133 677
Interpreters can be arranged.

The National Disability Advocacy Program can also help you work with an advocate.


Email them at:


Or write to:
Disability, Employment and Careers Group Department of Social Services GPO Box 9820
Canberra ACT 2604

Your information belongs to you: 

We need your permission to collect information about you. And to share your information.


You don’t have to give permission.


We only ask for the information we need.


We will tell you why we need it. That includes photos and videos too.


If you don’t understand why we need information, it’s OK to ask us

If your information is not correct, we may be unable to do a good job. Give us the correct information, and help us keep it up to date.


If your personal information changes, please let us know. Moved house? New phone number? New service provider? New contact? Remember to tell us! We will also check your information regularly, and update it

Privacy and confidentiality

We will protect your information and only use it for the right reasons, and only show the right people.

There are laws to make sure your information is kept private. 

These laws dictate:

•    How we can collect information

•    How we store information

•    Who can see your information    

The people who work with you need to see your information. It helps them deliver better services. We will only share your information if

•    You give permission to share it, or

•    We are very worried about your safety, or

•    If the law requires us to share it.


You can see your information too. Just ask us. 

Your safety is our top priority 

Your safety is very important to us. We work hard to deliver safe services. But sometimes accidents happen. Sometimes people make mistakes or treat other people badly. We call these things “incidents”


You can also help prevent incidents from happening. Act safely, treat other people with respect, and if you don’t feel safe telling someone about it.


If you are involved in an incident, you have the right to know what went wrong and what is being done to make it right.


As an NDIS service provider, we must follow the rules about keeping people safe. We work hard to keep everyone safe. That means you, our workers and other people in the community.


We think about how accidents can happen and how we can prevent them. We want everyone to be safe and to feel safe. Ig you feel unsafe, you can tell us. We promise to listen.

Your feedback is important to us  


Your feedback helps us improve so that you will feel safer, happier and get more out of services.


We will often ask you for feedback. You can also comment or complain at any time. You can call us, or ask our staff to help. They will make sure the right people will get your message. Your complaint will be kept private.


When you tell us what you like or don’t like, we will listen. And we will try to change things if we can. You will always receive a reply as quickly as possible.


You can also provide your feedback anonymously. If you don’t leave your name, we can’t reply to your complaint, but we will still try to make things better

Your rights and our responsibilities


We will listen to you and work with you. By working together, you will receive the best service possible. If we forget this or treat you badly, you have the right t complain. You have rights: to be treated well, to participate fully, to speak out.


You have the right to be treated well, to participate fully, and to speak out.


You can also help by:

•    Making sure to update your contact information as it changed

•    Keeping your appointments  or, let us know if you can’t

•    Choosing someone to support you in making decisions, an advocate,            friend or family member.

•    Treating other people with fairness, honesty and respect.

•    Respecting other people's right to privacy and confidentiality 

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